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Founder Sean McDonell remembers the first few years of Coffee4kids and how he had ABSOLUTELY no idea what he was doing, in fact looking back on it Sean explains that the only thing he knew for sure was that there had to be an easier way to raise donations for his family’s orphanage!

Starting off with the simple vision of raising as much money as possible to help fund his family’s orphanage, the beginnings of Coffee4kids were very humble. While working full time as a Financial Advisor Sean would visit his family in El Salvador three times a year, each time he would fly back 300lbs of coffee in his suitcases and then sell it door to door here in Bend.

After many overnights in San Francisco stemming from half day long search and seizure checks with the friendly folks in Airport Security Sean decided that there had to be a better way to get his kid saving coffee into the country. After numerous phone calls and numerous rejections Sean finally found an importer that would work with him (our volume was so small most companies would not work with us). That company’s name is Sustainable Harvest & Sean explains he is forever indebted to them for taking a chance on him. After finding an importer that could get our beans in the country the second challenge was to find someone that could help us roast it. Luckily Bend has an amazing community of roasters and BackPorch Coffee Roasters decided to help us get our start and would let us use their Deidreich Drum Roaster in order to roast our green Bean!


After a few year’s of working with the BackPorch Team we finally were able to afford our own roaster and now roast our own coffee in our garage in Bend. The Journey was definitely a tough one but the road was one of learning and growth. Thanks again Sustainable Harvest & BackPorch for taking a chance on us!!!

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We currently are one of the smallest Coffee roasting company’s in central Oregon however provide some of the very highest quality coffee in the area. Partnering with such amazing places as Wholefood’s, Market 0f Choice, Mother’s & Chow we now are saving more kids than ever before! Raising over $ 3,827 dollars for the kids in 2015 the future for these kids looks bright!!! Thanks for choosing to start your mornings with us!


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